"Adagio is quite unique. We’re not a traditional digital consultancy firm, we’re not your standard global technology implementator nor are we a pure Marketing Automation vendor. We are fully focussed on Operational Excellence in Multi-channel Marketing and Marketing Automation."

Adagio is a rapidly growing, global digital services company with offices in Ghent, Paris, London, Schiphol and New Jersey. We have built a team of world-class digital natives, technology-savvy techies and bright business consultants who give their best every single day to provide our clients with only the finest and most outstanding integrated digital Multi-channel Marketing solutions. We have built a solid reputation for delivering Operational Excellence, and we wear it with pride.

From Fortune 500’s to ambitious young start-ups, we work for a wide range of forward-thinking clients, allowing them to reap the advantages of our unparalleled Multi-channel Marketing and Marketing Automation expertise. Whilst our comfort zone mostly concentrates on the fascinating world of life sciences, we happily step out of our safe haven to embark on rigorous challenges amongst many other industries, including energy, retail, banking, etc..

Why Digital and Data make up the core of our DNA

Every digital or physical customer interaction with your brand leaves traces of behavior, thinking and insight, leading to tons of data. All this data can be used both intelligently and creatively to improve customer experiences, in turn positively impacting your business, revenue, profit and – ultimately – growth.

Adagio fully grasps that today’s marketers are not only judged on the specific actions and campaigns they put into place. You also need to gather insights and establish value-adding and individualized customer experiences. Putting it more bluntly, a customer-centric paradigm is now of the essence and you cannot afford to lag behind.

Adagio will help you to increase your company’s relevancy to your customers through the intelligent, data-driven and devoted use of Multi-channel Marketing practices and powerful Marketing Automation technology, in turn enhancing findability, awareness, engagement and lead gathering/nurturing.

Eventually, it’s all about perfectly blending the digital experience with the physical experience through fully embracing Multi-channel Marketing and Marketing Automation capabilities into your organization. Increased customer insights, future outperformance, unbeatable competitive advantage and superior ROI will be your benefits.

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Providing strategy and guidance throughout your digital transformation process.


Building the right technology solution to meet your unique marketing and business goals.


Designing and developing digital assets that attract attention and deliver your message.


Driving awareness, findability, and demand for your brand and your offerings.

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Our mission

We are a dynamic team of marketing, technology, and business experts who can help companies take full advantage of your digital marketing opportunity. We provide digital marketing strategy, communication, and technology that allows clients to reach their full market potential.

Online and offline marketing materials in one distinct branding style.

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