A pharmaceutical company

Type: Development , Marketing


In search of a data-driven solution in order to communicate with HCPs in a structured way


Building automated drip/nurture campaigns in order to gradually release relevant information to the HCPs


A very successful product launch

Project need:

Adagio was approached by a multinational pharmaceutical enterprise and was asked to provide a data-driven and heavily automated solution to communicate in a structured way with different healthcare professionals, taking into account current digital infrastructure.

The enterprise possessed a vast amount of data and information, which it wanted to deliver to targeted HCPs during a product launch. However, instantaneously releasing all available information is a bad move as the target group(s) might be overwhelmed, which is why a gradual release suited to every targeted individual was of the essence.

Target audience:

A range of specialist HCPs

Project goal:

Adagio’s in-house developers created a mini-website with relevant information and available downloads for the specialist HCPs in the BeNeLux. This information has been divided in different categories.

Each HCP receives a dedicated URL with access to one category of information at that time. The information that he already received will still be visible during the next visit. When the HCP receives a new URL, the information will be added to the information the HCP already received.

The sales representative can choose which URL he delivers to the HCP. This way, the sales rep really sits in the driver’s seat. The HCP receives the information that matters the most for him/her at that specific moment.

As the information is divided in smaller pieces and depending on the interests of each HCP, it’s significantly more feasible to process the large amount of content stored. By enabling these workings, the HCPs gradually gain new and relevant information and, as such, have more trust in the different kind of products.

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