A pharmaceutical company

Type: Development , Marketing


A structured platform with relevant information for HCPs.


An online library with relevant, downloadable information.


Facilitate conversations with the Sales representative

Project need:

A multinational pharmaceutical enterprise contacted Adagio in order to develop a structured informational platform where the healthcare specialists can access all relevant information about their specific field of expertise.

Target audience:

Specialist HCP’s

Project goal:

Adagio created an online library with relevant articles and publications, accessible for HCPs. Behavioral HCP tracking is enabled, using profound tracking functionalities, leading to substantial insights shared with the Sales rep.

Behavioral tracking allows us to keep up with what information the HCP reads, in turn enabling us to create an image of the interests of the HCP. Obviously, this is of significant added value for the Sales rep when scheduling a meeting and browsing discussion topics.

Adagio solution:

The traditional facetime model is increasingly under pressure, which explains the key importance for any Sales force-intensive pharmaceutical firm to identify the most relevant and interesting discussion topics when engaging with a HCP face-to-face.

We resorted to profile enrichment practices for this particular business case. With the collected data, the face-to-face conversation can be started easier and the privacy of the HCP is still respected.

Each HCP received an email where a dedicated URL is shown. This URL can exclusively be opened by mail and in no other way. The information can’t be found on the Internet. By using this link, we can check the level of interest from the HCPs. This information can then be saved in the database.

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