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Mobile view of Nominum on Android


New, corporate website.


Building a new corporate website with a stunning flat design and interactive SVG.

Nominum (now part of Akamai Technologies) pioneered since day one because they invented DNS, a hierarchial distributed naming system for computers, services or any resource connected to the internet or a private network. DNS ensures that your domain name is associated with the correct IP address. Nominum has written 90% of the world’s DNS code and was the first to scale, secure, and leverage DNS to deliver a whole new set of services. Great internet experience, high quality code and straightforward approaches to solving complex provider challenges, are high on their priority list. Good to know is that 9 of the top 10 service providers use Nominum DNS.

Adagio was asked to create a new corporate website for them. On this site, other companies can learn everything about Nominum DNS and their services. For their new website, our developers made a custom WordPress theme from scratch. The default CMS was extended in such a way that any page layout can be easily changed and updated. To reflect Nominums’ progressive vision, we used a modern-looking flat design and implemented interactive SVG graphics to guide visitors to the right information.

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