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Life Sciences and
Marketing Automation

Marketing Automation in life sciences is the new big thing, including hyped up advertisements and buzzwords galore. Some even say it’s the best synergy since the first combination of cookies and cream. However, if you’re really hungry, cookies and cream won’t suffice. Instead, you’re in distinct need of a solid lunch. In this whitepaper, we’ll help you determine whether your current marketing practices, methodologies, organizational structure, skills and resources are in line to readily adopt the magnificent world of Marketing Automation to its full effect.

Of course, analyzing whether your life sciences organization is already suited for the adoption of Marketing Automation practices is not a mandatory requirement. It is very well possible to just go ahead and invest time, money and people in a Marketing Automation tool when a basic corporate website is your only promotional asset, just like a consultant can call him- or herself a consultant by simply printing it on his or her business cards. This doesn’t necessarily mean that consultant is perfectly suited for the job and all its inherent challenges that will arise in the near- and long-term future.

Read our whitepaper and understand what the different stages are to successfully implement marketing automation. We'll discuss the integration with CRM tools, the building of customer journeys and more.

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Adagio focuses on Operational Excellence in Multi-channel Marketing and Marketing Automation for the life sciences and hi-tech industry.