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Adagio's Consensus on
Multichannel Marketing

By now, it is safe to assume that a general consensus exists on the pivotal importance of multichannel marketing and the increasingly vital, if not indispensable, role it will play in the future of individualized marketing and ambitious engagement KPI’s. However, as multichannel marketing is placed on a pedestal, which it rightfully deserves, this also means that increasingly more commercial entities, organizations and professionals of diverse standings attempt to board the hype train. The results are an abundance of definitions, frameworks and analyses which don’t always stand the test of time and opportunistic pitfalls that stall many efforts that initially started out with positive intentions.

Throughout this whitepaper, Adagio will guide your through its consensus on multichannel marketing by going into detail on the ‘what, why, how’-questions, accompanied by a description of certain threats and opportunities to take into account.

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Adagio focuses on Operational Excellence in Multi-channel Marketing and Marketing Automation for the life sciences and hi-tech industry.