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Marketing automation could be the perfect solution for your organization. It’s by far the most powerful way to create, understand and address different segments within your contact base in order to talk to them on an individual basis, fully automated.

Through using highly personalized and relevant content, and providing this content through the preferred channel at the right time, marketing automation aims to establish durable and value-adding relationships with your stakeholder base.

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Discover how bpost and a top 20 global pharmaceutical company have implemented a multichannel marketing approach by using marketing automation as their pre-eminent tool for all digital marketing communication.

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A team of on-site consultants set up strategies where the bpost marketing and technology successfully align. Our designers and developers manage the template and asset creation processes next to development and management of the IP-warming process.

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Pharmaceutical Industry

Adagio positioned itself as a long-term customer-centric partner with solid Adobe Marketing Cloud experience, perfectly bringing together the intricate worlds of pharmaceuticals on one hand, and data-driven marketing automation on the other hand.

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