Meet Adagio at the International Bio Convention

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The International Bio Convention takes place June 6th –  June 10th. This convention is spread over 4 days and includes speakers, training sessions, education sessions, panel discussions …

At the convention you can find companies from all around the world. You can find us in the Belgian Pavilion. Come and have a chat with our Adagio experts. They will provide you with information about our services and expertise.

International Bio Convention works with four key elements:

  • Bio Education Program
    • The Bio Education Program provide the know-how to advance your business, trying to cover the biotechnology and pharma industry’s most relevant and timely topics.
  • Networking events
    • There are evening & daytime networking events. On Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday, you are able to participate on several netwerking events.
  • Bio One-on-One Partnering
    • Bio One-on-One Partnering is an online partnering system. This system allows you to communicate with prospective biotech investors and senior business and scientific management executives.
  • Bio Exhibition
    • This exhibition attracts over 15 thousand biotechnology and pharma leaders. At this exhibition are 1,800 exhibitors devide into 55 state, regional and international pavilions and 8 specialized product focus zones.

Come and meet us at International Bio Convention. Make your appointment in advance and meet our experts.