Marketing Automation allows you to create, understand and address different segments within your contacts/visitors base in order to talk to them individually with an adapted and personalized speech.

Adagio’s Marketing Automation consultants can create segmentation within your contact profiles. Obviously, this requires having a thorough idea of who your contacts are, examining their needs, wishes and expectations. Once these profiles or ‘personae’ are set in place, you’ll be able to engage in a tailored exchange of personalized information and offerings.

Adagio fully grasps that segmentation goes way beyond simply dividing your valuable contact base into smaller groups. Within Marketing Automation, segments are a dynamic concept, meaning that a contact may very well belong to more than one segment. So, the more a visitor navigates on your online assets, the more refined his or her profile will become, the better you will know that contact.


Demand and Lead Generation

Through the expert use of integrated e-mail campaigns, landing pages, smart forms and a content-driven approach, we’ll make sure that your Marketing Automation platform becomes a true demand and lead generation machine. Both target customer-applied inbound and outbound marketing activities will drive this machine, whilst your platform’s dashboard will grant you sublime insights into what actions to take.

Adagio’s Marketing Automation consultants can aid you in determining the right toolbox of inbound and outbound actions to take, whilst continuously reviewing and optimizing this approach. In the end, we’ll make sure your machine keeps on spinning with high-value leads.


Plan, Build and Enjoy High Quality Customer Journeys

By opting for Marketing Automation, you’ve chosen for innovation. The future of individualized mass-marketing is hallmarked through intelligent engagement, on-demand campaigns and user-defined journeys. Adagio’s Marketing Automation Consultants excel in establishing maximum-value customer journeys, both from an ad-hoc/short-term approach up to a strategic/long-term point of view. We offer the full spectrum of the delicate art of customer journeys, including planning, building, implementation, optimization and reporting, allowing you to achieve true one-to-one marketing for each of your contacts along a mass-marketing approach.


Lead Nurturing and Drip Campaigns

Companies that excel at lead nurturing generate on average 50% more sales-ready leads at a 33% lower cost. Lead nurturing is all about getting the right message across at the right time to the right leads, simplified by drip campaigns.

Lead nurturing automatically nurtures non sales-ready leads into a sales-ready state over time, so you don’t have to. Through the smart use of targeted nurturing tracks, you are able to send personalized communications to your prospects and leads. As Adagio excels in applying dynamic content and data-driven customized features, your drip campaigns will truly exhibit the look and feel of 1:1 e-mails.


Reporting and Insights

Post campaign analysis is way more than just checking in on your open and click rates. For example, your e-mail campaigns may hallmark good open rates, but if the leads aren’t converting, then this becomes irrelevant. You need to thoroughly understand what went right and what went wrong through the smart use of mobile dashboards, Marketing Automation platform reporting possibilities, closed-loop reporting and Adagio’s expert advice.

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